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Our address labels can be used for a variety of purposes other than to provide return address details.

We can print any information required to create personalised address labels. An example of this would be for craft purposes, such as including who the product was made by, the listing ingredients in the handmade product and perhaps the identification or pricing (with or without barcode). The information can be personalised to make it so that you choose the font style and alignment of the text to make it unique to you! Plus, you can choose to add an image onto each of the labels, if required.

The printed address labels have an extra permanent adhesive which are designed to remain on the product permanently, in which this feature is available across all personalised address labels.

Other than being able to personalise the information, we have a range of features available to customise the labels to suit your requirements, such as offering our printed address labels in a variety of sizes. As well as this, our labels are available in different colours such as silver, gold, yellow, blue, lilac and white. Finally, our labels are available in a variety of quantities, which range from 500 labels to 100,000 labels in one order!

Our labels are perfect for both small and large businesses.

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